monsta x reaction to you being tight

*innocently blinks at you*. cont: and while hes away (like buying something oridk). He would run his hand along your legs, squeezing your butt and then pull you on top of him. I'm telling you that you're nipples are hard." "You just seemed cold." You cover yourself, feeling embarrassed. He tries to put his arm around your body so he could continue his game, but your body shifts more for comfort. I wouldnt lie to you, never.. "It's not like I haven't seen it before. You such a jerk! To you getting hit on (Jealousy) To you being a messy eater. Hyungwon: He couldnt help but smile when you told him you wanted him to be your first time. "Minho! Jooheon would walk on you dancing to girl groups while doing house work. *coos at him and pulls him into a hug, only to be surprised by his questions*, Why do have to be so beautiful to the point that you attract random men? Minhyuk would be all cuddly with you in bed, and then start to tickle you, being playful. And what made you think she is a lesbian?, she kept a very attentive eye in Sara, my lesbian friend, so I dont know. Jooheon will get annoyed with your jealousy behaviour, would assure you once that is nothing and thats it. Hyungwon had drifted off shortly after the movie began. he was also more nervous than you. Thank you for letting me be your first and only~. I dont think so. Hello, it is Lua and this is the update tab, I am acepting sugestions for the blog/ideas, so feel free to let me know, hello, welcome to mx-in-words! *smiles lovingly at you and places an arm around your shoulder, pulling you close to him*, *glares at Minhyuk and eyes him from head to toe*, *purposely hits the man on the face when he slings the bag on his shoulder* Letsgobaby! HYUNGWON: (probably doesnt evenrealizethat he has a boner). He wouldnt want you to wake up in the morning with a sore back. It is against our principles to write about anything we don't know much about so we don't write pregnancy fics, parents fics, or smuts. *ShyRobot mode activated* He would hold still and be quiet(as usual), but he will be blushing so hard. You wouldnt understand at first but when you come across the two men, hed point at them and tell you that they flirted with him, thinking that he was a girl. Once arrived he would go to you, grab your face, start to make out and touch you all over. When you explained yourself, he would get a little shy, but hed still accept. I really like your writing and so I thought about a request How would the members react is they see you getting jealous" - Anoun. Im fine, its fine, just can you cook something for me? You dont love me anymore? You looked in shook at him. Excuse me, what the heck are you trying to do with my woman? Kihyun would be a bit like Wonho, making it obvious that he was horny. Youre right. Twenty-four, 24/7 I'm trying to save me You going out, going out, going out trying to stain me. He would probably wake once your head touched his shoulder and turn to see you asleep on him. Are you okay? he asked lingering his soft hands in your naked arms. This is probably the funniest I have yet to received, and the toughest this is only based on my opinion so SHOWNU: (gets a little shy but doesn't actually do anything about it because he just doesn't know what to do) these flowers bloom for you and me. Still the most inspiring words Ive ever heard. Both of you would start to undress and once you were in only your lingerie he would stare at your body, licking his lips and gently push you on the bed to crawl on top of you. Don't stare!" Both of you would stop making out and he led you to the room to continue what you started. You squint your eyes as Jisung flinches back. And it was the last one You explain, removing the shirt from both of your sights as you move closer to him. Your butt instinctively moves closer, nearer to his crotch. Third of all, quite the class, dont you worry I only love two women in my life: my mom and you, the third will be our daughter and thats it. What Will Monsta X Do If You (Their Gf) Are Tired, Monsta X Reaction When You (Their Gf) Ask For A Hug, Monsta X Reaction When You ( Their Gf) Are Bored, Monsta X When You (Their Gf) Failed Test / Exam, Monsta X When You ( Their Gf ) Drop Their Phone And It's Break, Monsta X When You (Their Gf) Do Aegyo To Get Something From Them, You (Their Gf) Shopping With Monsta X (Shoes), Monsta X When You (Their Gf) Didn't Want To Do Your Schoolwork, When Their Gf Fall Asleep Waiting For Them, MONSTA X When You (Their Gf) Pranks Them [PART 1], Monsta X When You (Their Gf) Prank Them [PART 2], MONSTA X WHEN YOU (THEIR GF) SIT ON THEIR LAP, MONSTA X WHEN YOU (GF) WANT TO SPEND THEIR HOLIDAY WITH HIM. So when he finishes and said goodbye to the dancer, he saw you with a BIG POUT. I don't own any gifs, s Chan: "Did you wait long?" Reacting To Their S/O Holding Their Hand. Come here you kissed him, smiling during the kiss. he finds benefits in your small stature for himself really. The only difference would be that they are extra proud of you. Monsta X reaction to you getting comfortable on their lap and you give them a boner (Boyfriend ver.) "W-what!?" "Y-yah!" Monsta X When You ( Their Gf) On Period MONSTA X When You (Their Gf) Pranks Them [PART 1] Monsta X When You (Their Gf) Prank Them [PART 2] He frowns, breaking the small hug you were giving him as he had just gotten home. *aegyopose*. Hed comment about how you were talking in your sleep(even if you werent) and mimic you. Wonho would for sure make fun of you the next day(and every day after that). I mean theres another chair over that His growing erection make you jolt up quickly. Eventually youd wake up due to the loud nature of the movie. Does my love seems weak for you?. Kihyun would be far calmer than everyone before him. You didnt waste any time as you naturally sits on his lap. JOOHEON: (gets shy, tries to explain everything but its already obvious). ~Admin There were two young men who were already closing in and it was completely written all over your face that you werent interested in them and was about to leave when one of the guys took a hold of your hand, which Shownu finally had enough of. Hed sleepily pull you into his arms and nuzzle his face into the back of your neck. He let out a fake cough, eyeing you playfully. Your unbearable cuteness will make his squishy heart beat 30x faster than normal. To you crying. He then wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into a very tight hug. Youre so warm You tell him, with his lips forming a smile as he continues to read his book. Monsta X When You (Their Gf) Didn't Want To Do Your Schoolwork When Their Gf Fall Asleep Waiting For Them When Their (Gf) Have Problems When Their Gf Being Hot/Sexy REQUEST OPEN !! Can you do a bts reaction to you being a dj and preforming at ultra music festival, Hi! He worked hard so that everything was perfect. "Hmm?" Oh, so you think you can get jealous? for instance, he puts things in high places just so you have to eventually come to him and ask him to get it. Somehow, he would get really flustered when two men walked up to him and started flirting with him but in a different language. Is THAT ex who keeps calling him, who had broken his heart, the one he wrote more songs that you even know the ex his family still loves and her family is a friend of his family. Doesnt that look fun? You take back your phone. Smug AF. Second of all, I THOUGHT SHE WAS A LESBIAN. Minhyuk, as we all know, is a very communicative and friendlyperson, the sunshine itself, so he does enjoy new faces and places. Baby, are you sulking or what? He may look friendly but the tone of his voice would be icy cold and he wouldnt really think twice and let the men know that youre his and they have to piss off before they could even regret walking up to you and flirt with you. 99' request box is closed. being a dork makes this beautiful smile of yours came out, doesnt it? "Hyunjin!" [ongoing] "I'll never be mated to a monster like you" According to a music industry insider on the 1st, SM recently sent a letter to shareholders titled "To the Shareholders of SM" ahead of the shareholders meeting scheduled . He wanted to take the opportunity to show you just how much you meant to him and just how much he loved you. The awkward silence fills the room, with you being surprise and Shownu being shy. Your unbearable cuteness will make his squishy heart beat 30x faster than normal. To cheating on you and breaking up with you but trying to get you back and realizing they can't because. He wanted it to be perfect and he wanted you to be comfortable. Can I get jealous too? you laugh at his response, hugging him more. MONSTA X Reacts To Try Not To Sing Challenge (K-Pop) - YouTube 0:00 / 8:17 MONSTA X Reacts To Try Not To Sing Challenge (K-Pop) REACT 20M subscribers Subscribe 142K Share Save 2.4M views. He would angrily chew on his gum with the number on his hands, making his way back to you with his eyes never leaving the men who were now trying to take hold of your hand. It takes a while for you two to fully feel like you can be completely who you are around each other though. Genre: angst-ish (? He wouldnt be too happy about it and would immediately make his way back to you and would actually ask them if they need something or if theyre lost or something. Why won't you even look at me? i write kpop reactions - feel free to request. Minhyuk would ramble about what happened and would ask you about it, like what did they tell you or did you know them andmanymore. See, it looks so fun You continue, reaching him and sits down on his lap. to remind you how they love your adorable squishy face: Kai, Suho, Would be distracted wondering what would happen if they could feed you baby carrots: Lay, Would definitely poke your cheeks and tease you, and if you got annoyed with them they would use all the aegyo until you cant help but forgive them: Baekhyun and Sehun, Death stare at anyone who mentions anything other than all of you wonderful, shining qualities: Kyungsoo. Seungmin: "W-what's that?" Would put their arm around you and squeeze you tight in a squishy hug: Chanyeol, Chen, Xiumin, You dont think they notice at the time, but they later give you a sweet kiss on the cheek You frown at his lack of attention to you, before pushing his controller away with your hip, as you sit on his lap. I love you too, stop teasing me, youre mine. out more K-Pop reactions here: Featured:Love Killa - Monsta X\u0026ab_channel=starshipTVFantasia - Monsta X\u0026ab_channel=starshipTVImagine Dragons - Believer\u0026ab_channel=ImagineDragonsVEVOBLACKPINK - How You Like That\u0026ab_channel=BLACKPINKREACTs goal is to credit the original links to the content featured in its shows. The strange part is that he will joke with you about how he is also jealous of your co-workers for example and this will end okay. Monsta X Reaction: Their favorite kind of hug In which I discuss and tell you all the kind of hug I believe each member of Monsta X likes the most. *takes his seat and looks at you with the same look on the gif* Did they touch you or hurt you? Mhmm He says, closing his eyes. He would be slightly surprised that you had been able to fall asleep on him with the loud movie playing in the background, but pleasantly so. +. This a NO-JEALOUS area now he winked at you. "Why would I be. Changkyun wouldnt really talk some senses into them since he would just drag you away and have the two of you eat some cupramyeonat his studio. Request after seeing the rules and thank you <3. SM Entertainment has sent a letter to shareholders amid a fierce battle for management rights.. He would actually be politely asking them if they have any problem or what not, and when they replied a no, he would actually directly ask them why were they there in the first place and the two men wouldnt even bother responding as theyre already running away for their lives. What did you get? He continues the conversation, but his expression stiffen when you couldnt answer him back with the boner thats sticking out a little too obvious. Are you like.. having a boner or something? You try not to react too much when Hyungwons eyes shifts to look down. Minho: You were talking to him about what to eat when he wouldn't stop staring down. Shownu First of all, he has no idea you're jealous. His motherly side would shine through when he was no longer sleep-deprived and cranky. Kihyun: (Animal: Dog allergic reaction) Kihyun being the mother of group, he knows how to help his s/o with her/his allergic reaction You made your way to the studio to give Kihyun and his members packed lunch because they deserved a break from their harsh dance practices and they needed to eat because it was unhealthy to skip meals. Hyungwon would admire you quietly for a while until your body temperature lured him back to sleep, this time in your arms. No, I am jealous, so fucking jealous and it feels horrible. you look down. Look Y/n, I know this girl since high school, its one of my oldest friends! You wanting to cuddle You fall asleep on his shoulder You get your webbing pierced They are close with another members s/o and develop feelings for them You kick them in your sleep with cold feet Their s/o holding only one of their fingers instead of the whole hand GF random anger issues during period Sorry for not being as active. And to your surprise, Wonho would be all smiles when the men bowed and apologized for what theyve done and itd be as if nothing really happened. ~Admin Okay? Earth to Chan?" You hug him even more, finally feeling comfortable on his lap. He would run his hand all over under your shirt, making you moan when he touched your breasts. Sleepy Jooheon isnt quite as subtle as Awake Jooheon, so hed Big Spoon you back to sleep without any reservations. Thankfully, the men left without even apologizing, which would leave Kihyun in an awful mood that hed be stuff a couple ofkimbapsin his mouth and would look like an angry hamster. you are so independent and act like you don't need him which always kind of hurts so he does little small inconveniences to you. you dont think I love you? Minhyuk: He smiled widely when you told him you were a virgin and you wanted him to be the one to take your virginity. "W-what are you looking at" You follow his stares as it led to your thin white shirt, your nipples out. Hed lay flat as a board, too nervous to move a muscle, as you settled in beside him. You deny his reason, shoving the food into his mouth. He knows that youre beautiful but hed be utterly surprised to see two men going up to you. You demanded for an answer as Hyunjin scratches his neck, hesitating. I.M would actually wake up pretty easily. SF9, Monsta X and BTS Requests For The Following By Admin Hyun Mi: Gif Reactions(CLOSED) Selca Ships (CLOSED) *the two menstartsto get up and bow, apologizing for ever going near you* How cute *takes a seat right in front of you and smiles* I ordered your favorite., What was that, Wonho?Whats what? I wont let this happen, My love for you is bigger than all our past and future lives, I will always find you.. *laughing* Man, am I that cute? reaction:s/o without make up for the first time. ~Admin Scenario: You were hanging out at your best friends, Monsta X's, dorm watching a movie marathon. He sits down by the sofa and shrugs. I love you so much. Would put their arm around you and squeeze you tight in a squishy hug: Chanyeol, Chen, Xiumin, You dont think they notice at the time, but they later give you a sweet kiss on the cheek But when it was already his turn, he took a quick glance at you and noticed how uncomfortable youve become when the two men decided to walk up to you again. He knew you weren't always the most forward about your issues so he wouldn't press you . Hmm *taps his lower lip and was about to get you some shinramyeonwhen he catches a glimpse of the two men walking up to you* Oh my goodness when will this stop?! Hed have trouble staying still because hes so excited about you being cute and just being close to you in general. Felix: It was snowing that day, causing Felix to drag you out to play. *grabs two randomramyeonand pays for it; hurriedly walks out of the convenience store and takes a hold of your wrists and fake smiles* Excuse me, but I have to get my GIRLFRIEND away from the two of you. * "Why aren't you wearing a.." He trailed off, trying not to look. He would then sneak on you and playfully slap it. He stresses out plenty about how he looks in your eyes. Youre about to ask him what was wrong but you feel something is poking you. dont be jealous jagiya, no one has my heart, only you. and hug you without hesitation now, his hands stroking your arms and he'd rock you slowly side to side, his arms a tight embrace trapping you against his chest. Shownu: He was happy that you wanted him to be your first time. He would loom over the man who really tried to touch you and would literally speak up behind him, making the man jump and look back to see Wonhos strong arms going past through his face as he places the number on the table. Request: You tell him you're virgin right before you two have sex (But you're ready to have sex, you just thought that they should know) . He would stop for a second to remove his shirt, put a pillow under your head for your comfort and crawl on top of you to undress you even more. he is always with you! In his head, you should have no reasons to even think about it, he loves only you and made it quite clear. Can you do a bts reaction to you being a dj and preforming at ultra music festival, Hi! What is it? Well, you keep on grinding on me and I cant help but to He halts, looking at you suggestively when he sees you blushing madly. "W-What's with the hug?" When the marathon died down, you were too tired to drive home so they let you sleep on their couch. You both saying how silly this feeling is, how much you meant and love each other. *drags you towards the puppies* Can we adopt one?. You call holding her hand as making friends? Okay, I am jealous, that new stylist is so pretty and you were smiling so hard to her I am sorry you confess, entering yourself in his embrace. Wonho;The last thing Wonho would expect to see once he comes back from ordering both your drinks was seeing two men flirting with his girl. Waking up to you two in a sexual position, Catching you kissing them when they're asleep. *takes a hold of your hand and stares directly into your eyes*, *sighs* I shouldve taught them a lesson or two You ran towards him, grabbing a huge chunk of snow to throw at him. WONHO: (HONESTLY he would get shy and embarrass, and tries to laugh it off). He never saw you getting jealous, at first, he enjoyed a little but then he realized you were not joking, it may get you on your nerves and he doesnt like to be the reason why you are stressed. Hello could you please do exo and monsta x reaction to their girlfriend always getting called a bunny or a hamster because she has chubby cheeks and a button nose. I mean if you don't want to that's fine but i hope you have a lovely day and thank you. Monsta X Reaction. Oh, where are you going little kitty? reaction:hey and secret s/o are cast to a drama. Being on top of him you would start by nibbling his ears, kissing his neck, to then remove his shirt and leave kisses all along his chest to make your way down. This is probably the funniest I have yet to received, and the toughest this is only based on my opinion so SHOWNU: (gets a little shy but doesnt actually do anything about it because he just doesnt know what to do). Did I made something wrong? you started to feel sorry for him. The next day however, he might be a bit more shy. His fingers are clicking the controllers buttons aggressively. After making sure you were . Wonho tries to remain calm, but the thoughts are filling in his head. You put a hand on his thighs beneath the table, making him smirk at you. "Make it two" Jeongin gasps, covering his mouth with what he had just revealed. Jooheon wouldnt know to react but would just laugh and speak out a word or two that hed learned from you and would fiddle on his skirt. He saw how you kept an eye on the girl, hyungwon know you too much for your own good. BYE. Jooheon: He was excited to be your first time. *smirks at you while the grip around your wrists tightens, making you wince in pain*, Letgo offme*clears his throat and smacks the mans hand away, making him remove his hands off of you* What the heck are you doing?, *scoffs and steps up, eyeing Shownu from head to toe* Who might you be, *cracks his knuckles and glares at the man* Do you have any problem? You repeat your previous answer thinking they won't fool you with a Monsta X song a third time. He would smile softly at you and admire you for a while before he decided to wake you up. Wearing tight yoga pants and some loose shirt he would stare at your butt without you even noticing. , Would tease you(but only affectionately) by pinching your cheeks or poking your nose: Minhyuk, Jooheon, Changkyun, Wouldnt actually say anything, but would look at you full of affection whenever anyone brought it up: Hyunwoo, Would absolutely call you bunny and tease you even when you were trying to be serious: Hoseok, Kihyun, Hyungwon. Wonho: The nerve of those men, didnt they see how uncomfortable you were when they approached you or something? You call for him as he answers, looking down at you before quickly turning around, panicking. You hate it, and your lovely boyfriendknows you too well. Monsta X Scenario/Reaction/Imagines Disconti bunch Of MONSTA X imagines, Scenario, and reactions. You would be the one to turn him on the most. Minhyuk would also place emphasis on the endearments and would just pull you away from the boys and out of the place, only to have him whining the minute he steps foot out of the shop. :3 Shownu: Originally posted by wonsheon I believe that Shownu's favorite kind of hug is the one where he just kinda wraps his arms around you gently and holds you there on his chest. It is f-fun He mumbles, your butt gets nearer to his crotch. Making his way towards you, hed actually clear his throat and slap away the hands of the man, giving him that look on thegif. Jeongin: The moment he sees it, he wouldn't be able to stop blushing. Shownu; Shownu couldn't believe what he was seeing, especially when he just went to throw his bottle. Thanks :). Mmm, so good He compliments, making you become excited. Hed let out a soft, sleepy laugh and allow you to snuggle closer to him. His daughter would headbang to the beat and hold on to her oversized, monsta x customized, noise-canceling headphones. , Monsta X reaction to seeing their s/o being flirted by two men who speaks their language during a date, request box finally OPEN to receive requests. Of course, youwanted to keep an eye at her, so you joined the classes right after you discover she was in the same team as minhyuk. I even got myself You stop talking, when you feel something from him. - Requested - Hyunwoo: *Feels it through your shirt when you give him a hug and he can't help but blush a little. Then hed probably tease you a little bit by saying things like, Good thing you woke up, you were starting to drool on me, or, I bet my biceps were pretty comfy right? He would probably look at the picture later and admire your cuteness whenever he felt like it. :), Could I request a bts reaction to their s / o being really good at art and not realizing it?? Hed be stoic and tired when you asked to sleep in his bed, but hed agree anyway. Babe thanks for shooing them away *glances at Hyungwons expression than to the strawberry cake*, No worries. I brought you here because you are the person I most love in my life, I want myfamily to know how in love I am and to show you to everyone, so they will meet my future wife. The two of you were at Gongcha, and since you are the guy, youre the one whos ordering while Jooheons left outside, waiting for you with his silky hair flowing down his shoulder. their gf is a vocalist, a drummer and a dancer! He worked hard to make sure you were comfortable and that your first time was everything you wanted it to be. He wanted it to be perfect and he wanted you to be comfortable. Minhyuk, Im so tired! You sigh loudly, plopping on Minhyuks lap.You smile seeing him focusing on his music sheets. Im not sure if you mean this as a good thing or a bad thing, but Ill do my best. I am here with you, only you and it always will be you. Shownu, do you want me to stand up? You ask again, eyeing his arms that are still around you. You slap him lightly on the arm, still shoving your phone to him. I dont know He answers, still not moving. Hyungwon wouldnt remember a thing about the previous night, but would be pretty happy to have you next to him in the morning. I understand but also, she is in my past. hm, seems like you dont need me that much you say looking away. His eyes wanders around but you, trying so hard to calm his little friend. Jooheon would look at you all confused when you woke him, but when you mumbled something about being scared, his Protective Puppy Mode would be activated. This is my side blog for writing, I hope you enjoy and feel at home! What do you mean? Your bottom shifts slowly, getting worried about his sudden change of tone. Hyungwon would stare at you while you were talking, not showing any kind of reaction. Shownu nods, his eyes are looking at the game on the TV screen. Its not what you think it is Jooheon explains, but his erection is still there when he still has some imagination in his mind. Everyone knows that he is in a relationship and no one would even try tosteal him. Reacting To You Calling Them "Baby" When Not In A Relationship He would chuckle and tell youWhy are you playing hard to get when you obviously love it? You would finally give him and start making out passionately with him, to then lay on the couch to start having fun. To you being pregnant. To Jimin crying and having a panic attack. Hello love, give me a kiss he said leaning to you but you turned your face. Life has been hectic! Kihyun: He was worried that he wouldnt be good enough. Even if you leave me, my heart and soul are yours he looked deeply at your eyes. He would be staring at your lips the whole time and licking his from time to time. I am sorry baby, I love you too So much that it hurts to think about losing you. all members series. their gf is a vocalist, a drummer and a dancer! He also made this clear to you, and you being someone who matches with him, would understand and be at the same boat. And when theyve finally left, youd come back to see a blushing Jooheon, who immediately hugged you and told you what happened with the same expression on thegif. Originally posted by verbalglitch. Jooheon would be super happy if you fell asleep on him. You demanded for an answer as Hyunjin scratches his neck, hesitating. When hes finally relieved, he goes out of the bathroom and sees two men ogling over you and was trying to flirt with you. I dont know, ask a kiss to miss.perfect dancer over there. Wonho would make it obvious in the fact that he wanted you. There were two young men who were already closing in and it was completely written all over your face that you weren't interested in them and was about to leave when one of the guys took a hold of your hand, which Shownu finally had enough of. Ill do my best to keep up with requests, though! 1.. 2. Come on!" It is against our principles to write about anything we don't know much about so we don't write pregnancy fics, parents fics, or smuts. You stare at Hyungwon thats still reading his book, raising your eyebrows more when the feeling was growing. He was also more than a little nervous about being the one to take your first time. Once you had it he would get closer to you, put a strand of hair behind your ear and start kissing you all over. Thank you for trusting me Y/N. He would be the one to dominate during make out sessions, kissing and licking your weak spots. Are you sure its not that you want to be really close to me? He smirks, wrapping his arms around your waist.

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